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  • Song of the Phoenix by: Munazza Arif 150.00

    Geeta, a young woman plagued by recurrent nightmares and exhausting work-life, decides to take the advice of her therapist and sets out on a solo trip to the land of Dalai Lama- Mcleodganj. Her intention to escape in between the mountains is to clear the cobwebs of her harrowing past. But what unfolds during the trip is another journey into the unknown, forcing her to face her demons.

    Is everything pre-planned, or is it just destiny?

    Will this trip throw her into a tumultuous path of no return?

    Find out in this exciting concoction of poetry and fiction.

    In SONG OF THE PHOENIX by Munazza Arif

  • A World of Intricacies by: Anagha Ratish 122.00

    A World of Intricacies is a collection of poems and haikus about a variety of things, ranging from hope to the idea of good and evil. They are, to put it simply, the slightly philosophical ramblings and musings of a twelve-almost-thirteen-year-old girl.

  • COULD LOVE BE FOREVER? (Hardbound) by: TANU GROVER 499.00

    Are you ready to delve deep into the sea of love? Are you ready to unite with your soulmate? Are you ready to give your all in order to acquire true love in this world and beyond…forever and ever? Then, come and bloom in the Land of Forever Love with Barbara Watson who embarks on an epic journey in quest of her soulmate who was snatched away from her by the evil clutches of death. Will she be able to help herself as well as the Forest God, King Allesandra, and a cursed damsel, Sabrina, in overcoming their predicaments and unite with their long-lost lovers? Will their love be able to attain victory over the demons of time, distance, death, and sorcery? Can true love endure each and every test which life and death have to offer? Can love last a lifetime and even beyond? Filled with magic, spells, and songs, this enchanting tale of immortal love and surreal romance would burn your soul till eternity.

  • Answers to family conflicts after marriage by: Vasdev Loond 250.00

    Founder of Marriage guidance- New Concept, Vasdev Loond is one of the exceptions having traversed in life from Mechanic from Academic studies up to MA, MBA, from low- government official to industrialist, from poverty to the modest richness, social leader to the mankind service provider.

  • Kalpana Ke Kal by: Anita Tiwari ‘Tripti’ 145.00

    I felt a persistent pain, looking at the evils of society. My poems were always against those evils. While writing against Poverty, Domestic Violence, Dowry, Degradation of youths, I always tried to provide legitimate guidance to the youths of the country which is evident from the title of my Book i.e. ‘ Kalpana Ke Kal’.

    This book is a concoction of various creations consisting of Worship to goddess Saraswati, Salutation to Teachers, Parents and Idols, Gratitude towards Soldiers, Beneficence of Nature, and poems showing diverse nature of Life.

  • THE AWAITED SPRING by: Dr Riya Agrawal 410.00

    How do you expect someone to be whose almost three decades of life has seen nothing but tragedy? From early loss of parents, orphanage-life, a broken marriage to being a single parent of a wee-aged child, Pritha Sharma has seen it all. It’s as if the winter is everlasting for her. Layer after layer, the ice is getting frozen deeply which can only be thawed by a glimpse of Spring. The one she’s awaiting.

    Amidst the tangled string-ball of complications her life has become, she was least expecting an attraction at first sight. Something that’s here to change her whole life.

    Aadit Khanna was definitely born with a silver spoon but never got the chance to taste the sweetness of the food served with it. A full-timer Corporate guy who’s part-time trying to nurse his broken heart since half a decade, keeping himself away from his family. The only person who’s allowed to see and dress his scarring wound is him. His life is programmed and bland, lacking the cheerfulness of a Spring.
    Amidst the process of imprisoning his emotions inside his heart, he was least expecting an attraction at first sight. Something that’s here to change his whole life.

    When Fate decides a destination, no path is worth leaving uncharted.

    When Spring decides to blossom happiness in your life, no heart is left with the possibility to deny.

    Especially, if it’s The Awaited Spring.

  • Darpan Yathtartha ka by: Mohit Sharma 220.00

    Hello Readers,
    First of all, Salute and Prananam to all of you.
    This book of mine: “Darpan-Yatharth Ka” is a summary of my entire life experiences, in which I have tried to underline all those experiences and difficulties through my stories, which I have actually lived, and experienced. At a very young age, I lost my mother -Mrs. Priya Devi. After the death of my mother, I and my sisters were raised up by my grandmother, Mrs Somvati Sharma.
    Her husband (my Grandfather) too left my Grandmother at a very young age. But my Grandmother never gave up on the odd circumstances of life and she fought well to set an example not only for me but also before society, thus making me understand the reality of life and how to be patient even in the most difficult situations.
    Dadi explained to me from her experiences, that every day you will meet a new character/ person on the ground of the reality of life and will gain new experience, eventually, you have to learn from those characters and live your life.
    I saw, understood and learned about the society through the same teachings of my grandmother, as I met and came across many such characters, whom we could neither meet easily nor understand in this hectic life. As a social citizen and as an emotional writer, when I came across these characters, I could not live without giving words to their pain. This book is a collection of stories, actually, it’s a reflection of the definitions of the odd circumstances of all those characters.
    Thank you!
    Mohit Sharma “Swatantra Gangadhar”

  • The Matters of love by: Avinash Kumar 130.00

    The book “the matters of Love” is Romantic Novel, written by a simple author Avinash Kumar (M.A in English)

    In the novel, the author contains the realistic creativities of all the couples world, whether they are love and arranged marriages, but mainly described in the book about the love relationship of the youngsters’ temperament. The emphasis has been laid on presenting basis of the real facts with the help of simple, sensuous, meaningful, and relevant illustrations.
    Indeed, the author tries to elaborate on the love relationship between men and women of the modern world beyond this book.

  • Patanjali Yoga Sutra by: Sriramkumar 250.00

    This book comprises of scientific facts in Patanjali Yoga Sutra

  • Big Fourth & The Lost Legacy by: Rudraksh Patel 166.00

    In the Godly city of Olympus, a robbery happens which has the potential of fatal consequences for the Gods if nothing is done. Jin was just a normal kid going around with his normal life when one day everything changes………. This opens up his eyes to the terrifying world of the Gods and monsters, and all the Gods are relying on him to save the day. While somewhere else a sinister plan is being brewed up. Can Jin rise up to the occasion to save the world or will he get tangled up in the Godly mess? Adventure, betrayal, war, and something else is waiting for Jin to arrive…..

  • The Laughing Ghosts -Salvation of the Slaved Spirits by: Dr. Nidhi Sahore 180.00

    The Laughing Ghosts is a realization of the self for Meenu poised to find her own truth of ghosts believed to be meandering around and looking up to her to reveal their side of the story. A stray incidence of violence in the vicinity of grown up Meenu, a mother of two children pushes her to reflect upon her joyous childhood which she shared with her neighborhood friends and cousins only to realize that even in those nascent years of her life women around her were suffering however she did find an answer and carried a learning which was kept reserved to her. Each time in her quest as a little girl to find an anchor in a woman from her surroundings to help her identify the very purpose of her existence led to their sad and untimely demise. Not ready to be a slave to the belief of the society attaching a meager and humble purpose to the existence of women i.e. to only live for others, she tries to find her own answers to the questions which no one cared to ask. Eventually she gathered the strength to face the reality with the help of goals of self preservation and salvation by looking around and seeking solace from the stories of challenges faced by women very close to her like her grandmother, mother and aunts. That made her harbor the value that it is important to step back and consciously quit to gather the strength to withstand the eventualities of life. The ghosts of the guilt haunt only the slaved souls but cannot withstand an indomitable spirit that is determined to find its own truth; rather they stand by it to be a part of the laughter of triumph and salvation. Therefore in the situations of self doubt and enigma the inevitable reflections from the past help to purposefully connect with the present to find your own answers. This lesson was true then and shall continue to be the truth.

  • Anubhuti (Hindi) by: Yogendra Lamba 135.00

    Unity in diversity. It is the specialty of our Indian society life. Despite having many languages, sects, sects, this Hindu society spread over the land of Asetu, Himalayas, vast India has been teaching the lesson of peace and fearlessness to the deranged and afflicted human beings of the world for centuries. What a great irony that today the same society is being trapped in paranoia in the name of religion by some vested interests.

  • Expeditions Through My Lens (Hardbound) by: Tania Shah 2,500.00

    Expeditions Through My Lens is a book that tells a tale of various cities through times visually describing their landscape,streetscape, architecture, art and culture. The frames have a charm of serenity and an essence of time. You will find different colours of seasons, landscapes like brown sandy deserts to lush green meadows. From historical streets of Prague to whirling Dervishes of Konya, this book emphasizes the essential form of the built and unbuilt environment. It captures history, urban spaces and geometry in architecture with a play of sunlight and shade besides natural landscapes. Overall, this book is a visual treat and demonstrates how a photographer can capture delightful shots just by using a mobile phone camera.

  • Life is All About you by: Kamini Sen 199.00

    Life is a boon to mankind, relationships being an integral part of it. The moment we are born, we set ourselves on this beautiful journey that comes to an end with our death. However, the thought of departing from this world shouldn’t stop us from living this wonderful life. Live your life to the fullest, create stupendous memories and preserve your relationships. Life is too short so don’t miss out on people who form a significant part of your everyday life. You can have all the luxuries of the world at your feet but life will still remain a barren land without relationships.

    This book will help you to lead a happy and satisfying life by having a positive outlook towards it and nourishing your existing relationships.

  • The Divine Musician by: Vishakha Channa 141.00

    For the seeker of truth, central to the journey is the guidance of the Guru. Infused with divinity, the Guru guides the seeker to change his/ her perceptivity of the reality of life. A stepping stone to awakening an awareness within the seeker of the shortcomings of man and the need to overcome them. The seeker’s journey is full of highs and lows, often discouraging and disheartening. His/her solace lies in the faith rested in the Guru, who never fails the seeker. Complete surrender by the seeker ensures the path walked on is always lit by hope and blessings of the Guru.

  • The Hangover of Choices by: Deepa Agarwal 180.00

    Nidhi Verma, finds herself having an extraordinary experience, whilst she is on her death bed under unexpected circumstances. As the doctors work furiously to identify the underlying causes that led to her sudden collapse, her mind starts to take a walk down memory lane, to find its own reasons. With each increasing dosage of medication, she slips deeper and deeper into the storehouse of her memories, many of which she had kept carefully buried. She desperately tries to shut them out, but one unwanted scene continues to play after another. She is forced to now watch the movie of her entire life, only this time, as a viewer and not the actor. Each vision raises uncomfortable questions and reveals aspects of her personality that she had denied. Forced to now confront issues related to her forgotten sexuality, jealously and the complicated relationships with her best friend, Ziya, and husband, Kumar, Nidhi begins to see herself in a new light. As illusions start to fade, she is keen to live a more authentic life and become a better version of herself, while equally embracing her flaws and vulnerabilities, knowing none of these define her. The question remains- Will she make it alive to life differently? The Hangover of Choices is an engaging story, which will surely make the readers ask- If I was on my deathbed, what would I see?

  • The Sword of Destiny by: Tanisha Sahu 249.00

    Zaida Rivera. Age twelve. Born on 20th May. Zodiac sign: Taurus. Loves books and loves to get her hands on as many as she can. She’s also flexible (incredibly flexible!). But that’s not all …

    There’s her secret: she’s a witch, and now an apprentice at Magikals School of Magical Study and Practices. It’s all she’s wanted her entire life, to become a student at Magikals just like most of her family was. For her, it’s starting a new chapter in her life with her new friends at Magikals: Ro, Nick, Chris, and Wang. But life takes a turn ever since she stepped foot in Magikals. And the next moment, everyone has their eyes on her, secrets are uncovered, and trouble is following her everywhere she is headed. So are danger and the unknown. And she’s definitely not ready for it all.

  • Jyotirmoy o Annyano by: Kumkum Baidya 122.00

    This book is a book of poetry. Poem of love or love for the poem. written by a software engineer.


    In the book, the author unpacks statistical ideas and presents them in ordinary language and situations. In so doing, he clarifies some misconceptions that are quite common in statistics.

  • A Note About Suicide by: Kartik Kulariya 158.00

    Relationship zindagi jeene ke liye jaruri nahi hai par jab iska khayal dimag mein aata hai toh zindagi badal hi jati hai. Vrinda se baat karne, uske saath relation bana ne ke chakar mein ek khush haal zindagi pareshaniyon ke bojh tale dab gayi. Ek relation ki khwahish kis tarah zindagi badal sakti hai zindagi kitna bhayank roop le sakti hai iss ek khwahish ke chakar mein. Kabhi na rone wala shaksh har choti baat par emotional hone laga, khud ko akela mehsoos karke depression ko hi apni zindagi ka hissa bana liya. Depression ki wajah se dimag mein suicide ka khayal aana, bujdilon ki tarah suicide ki koshish karna. Doston ka saath har kadam par mila depression se bahar aane mein bahut help mili. Shivika zindagi mein aayi har pareshani ko samjha aur saath diya, career bana ne ke liye har waqt motivate kiya har decision mein mera saath diya.

    “A Note About Suicide” ye 2 alag – alag relations ki kahani hai, pehla wo relation jo na ban ne par suicide ki taraf jaane ki wajah ban gaya, aur dusra wo relation jo zindagi sanwaar ne ki wajah ban gaya.

  • Kuchh Atpati Kuchh Chatpati (HINDI) by: MUKESH MOHINI KUMAR 195.00

    It is a diary of a nine-year-old. Rather, a random recollection of a young boy living in a metro city with his small family, of an elder brother, father, mother, and a grandmother. His age is that of exploring and of figuring out the world in his head. We have all been through this age; of which we carry many bittersweet memories of growing up. When our minds posed endless questions, and we were fascinated by the world and the adventure of discovering it. There was an unquenching curiosity to learn more and more about our surroundings, about things big and small and the people around us. Our young lad’s mind seeks beyond the barriers of linear logic. Like, if one is short-tempered, how short is short, and how do you measure how short? And if there are short-tempered men, what about the long-tempered ones? What if a man bit like a dog, do we chain him? Why do they only teach about wars in history? Why not the fun part; like the jokes of those times or about the biggest joker of all times? Do the gluttons have a hungry spirit in their tummy, devouring all they have eaten? Why do moms find good-looking women not so good-looking and downright ugly if the dads call someone beautiful? Why is it so difficult to understand a girl, especially a smart one? Why do we kids have our ears pulled and not our noses? And if one ear gets pulled more often, wouldn’t it turn longer than the other? Why don’t the house-helps and servants get to eat the savories like the rest of us? Why can’t the boys use pink erasers? Why is it impossible for us to hear our snore? And so on and on. We all have experienced such nutty questions buzzing in our heads.
    Kuchh Atpati Kuchh Chatpati is an engaging odd and spicy recollections of a pre-teen. It is an assortment of fifty-five pint-size stories that will take you on a journey to your past, to the days when the world was not so complicated and not so combative. When every little thing delighted us. And we lived in a small and complete world, where it was easy to find happiness and where we felt secure and cared for. I am tempted to call this small collection an urban version of ‘Malgudi Days’.

  • Quantum Physics of Consciousness and Non-duality in Eastern Philosophy by: Dr. Jai Paul Dudeja 495.00

    This book titled, “Quantum Physics of Consciousness and Non-duality in Eastern Philosophy” is based on the correlation of the author’s six decades of interest and practices in ‘Eastern Spirituality’ and nearly four decades of learning in ‘Quantum Physics’. One can divide this book into four broad sections: The first section (Chapter 1) consists of ‘Introduction’ (in which the terms: Consciousness, Non-duality, and Eastern Philosophy are briefly introduced). The second section (Chapters 2-8) deals with non-duality in Hinduism (Vedanta, Upanishads, Brahma Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and many more Vedantic philosophies). The third section (Chapters 9-14) describes non-duality in Buddhism (in India, China, Tibet, Korea, Zen, and Taoism). The fourth section (Chapters 15-16) justifies the title of this book by explaining Consciousness and Non-duality with the help of Quantum Physics and Eastern Philosophy. The author sincerely believes that a book of this nature will go a long way in bridging the gap between these diversified topics. The readers interested in this subject will find this book highly fruitful.

  • Ad Infinitum by: Adeitia Kalyann Boniface 219.00

    Tom is a hard-working detective, with a passion for art. On yet another exhaustive day at work, he encounters an intriguing case of theft assigned to his partner. Tom starts to work on the case alongside his partner, putting themselves through a series of time travel investigations. Little does Tom know about the horrific events that are about to unfold.

  • Ek Space by: Sarika Bhushan 225.00

    These stories are me and myself: the inner urge that I have had; the experiences that I have gone through; the environment that I have been in. A kaleidoscope they’re: one can peep through the vignettes of life.

  • Zindagi ki Samajh (Hindi) by: Muskan Sharma 160.00

    I think our life is a mixture of emotions like happiness, pain, jealousy, and gratitude. Quotes in this book are also a mixture of these feelings. These quotes express the experiences of all our life. I hope all of you relate to this.

  • Bachpan ke Rang (HINDI) by: O P Gondule 168.00

    “The Stories are only available practical measure to take kids to deep sleep at night and to wake them up with a smile from a deep sleep in the morning.” Shri Gangaram Ji Gondule (My Grandfather). This book is a collection of 18 stories based on childhood memoirs from villages, JNV hostel memoirs of the late eighties and early nineties, and fantasies of today’s time. It’s for sure that, the book will certainly revive the childhood of all age groups. This book depicts love, emotions, fear, jealousy, the hatred within the boundary of childhood. This book is a journey to find out myself within my heart and readers will find them out at their heart. It has different shades but the spirit of the book is only that childhood is at the core, for kids of today’s era and for kids of eighties.


    Utilitarian Biodiversity of Kalahandi and Nuapada District of Odisha reflecting the traditional medicine and its methodology used by local tribes.

  • Neel & Miraya’s Friendly Adventures Back to school again! by: Dr. Jagdish 349.00

    “Neel & Miraya’s Friendly Adventures Back to school again” is a children’s book that captures the mind of two little children who cannot go to school anymore because of the nationwide lockdown. They miss their time at school with their friends and wish for the school to re-open once again. They ask all their relatives for something that they can do about it and eventually come up with ideas of social distancing, wearing masks, and maintaining safety if schools were to re-open someday. This lyrical book captures what parents, teachers, and children should know, with respect to safety protocols to prevent the spread of COVID19 once schools re-open. This book aims to be an entertaining yet simple way to imbibe these safety measures among children and their parents.

  • Rukna mana hai (HINDI) by: Upasna Pal 150.00

    Sometimes going through life can be a little bit of a roller coaster. There are many ups and just as many downs as we journey through the high and low points. Life becomes a little simpler when you accept that as we pursue our goals, there will inevitably be challenges and barriers along the way. This is why a few extra sources of inspiration, such as motivational books, never hurt anyone. The most valuable asset we have and the one which we should be investing the most time, effort, and resources into is — ourselves. This whole book is about how we can achieve success simply by choosing to invest in ourselves and our growth. This book is sure to inspire and motivate you to invest in developing your talents further and would be an excellent resource for anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • E Zindagi by: Juned Ur Rehman 200.00

    This book ‘ E ZINDAGI ‘ is the sea of care, love, and motivation, which contains many emotional and happy moments of life. This book is not written only on any single topic, rather it is written on many different facets of life which are the part of almost all human beings life, like Relations ( between parents and children, between brother and sister, etc.), much more about the student life and the life begin after that period, about the situations which come in someone’s life and how to handle that situations, about someone’s feelings and much more real life-related and motivational content is also present in this book.

    Quotes and Shayri at different-different places make the book more interesting and effective.
    This book is written in HINGLISH ( Hindi language, English script), which makes the book so much easy to read and understand.

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