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    This is a very interesting story of the struggle for freedom of woman,but beyond this there is aiso a strong social criticism.

    Tum Kab Aaoge? by: C.D. Rajak 225.00
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    My book consist of 10 stories that narrate the inner core of the human mind.
    In these stories, an attempt has been made to say something good by portraying the personality of good and bad thoughts around us.
    Where are the stories of women which narrates the stereotypes of society and the atrocities on women in difficult circumstances of life. But with the life of a monk, happiness ends with peace.
    At the same time, after an elderly person, you show the love of a bird. The evils of the society are also described by these stories. Which will make the reader think or whether the stories will be entertaining to the readers.

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    Wisdom lies in every life. We all are wise and wise enough to be even wiser. Someone once said that the purpose of life is to have a purpose in life. Wisdom is an antibiotic, when you are not sure what seems to be wrong in your life, learn something and be a little wise. And you will see that now you could see that could set you absolutely free, under what you have been slave for years. I won’t say that wisdom is the only way to solve problems in your life but I must say that this is the best way. Because the best way to solve a problem is to avoid it and the worst way to solve a problem is to ignore it. There is no sign I know that can tell you for sure that now you have been wise, because every time you think you have been wise, real soon someone fools you. So I can’t tell you how to be wise but if you are always ready to be fooled, that way you can stay wise.

    ‘The Wisdom Tree’ has 150 chapters to help you stay wise. You might have to read and re-read the read to get the right reading, you might have to think and re-think the thoughts to get the right thinking and you might have to reach and re-reach the reach to get the right reaching. The chapters are in the form of ‘ teachings, new prospective and powerful statements’ where every line may stand like a quote and keep standing up in your mind all the time.

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    “An ode to the brave heart Pulwama Martyrs through the eyes of their dear ones.”Pulwama attack of 14 February 2019, one of the deadliest attacks in the history of India shook every heart to the core. ‘Vir Pulwama Ke’ is a collection of short poems full of emotions expressing pain for the loss of the brave heart soldiers who fell victims to the ghastly assault.

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    Everything which started will end one day but it’s not about the beginnings and the ends, it’s about what happening in between start and the end. “Not get noticed by anyone till it blossoms is smile under the shadow means.” It is about phases of emotions, tragedy, beauty, myth, love, hate, rumours, feelings, expressions, and success with lots of confessions in the silence And it shows how emotions are different in every different situations. Let poetry knock your door…

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    This book is self-explanatory, and helps the readers easily understand the workings of various
    departments in the pharma industry, especially aspects like organogram, safety, process equipment and
    their application, distllation, vaccum and its application, HVAC, utility, boiler, ETP, quality assurance, etc.

    This will help the future generation of science and engineering graduates who want to make a career in
    the pharmaceutical industry.

    It also serves to help those who are working in a junior team at the pharma industry to understand the
    basic fundamentals of API and formulation.

    The author has dedicated this book to Dr. B. PARTHASARADHI REDDY, Honourable Chairman, Dr. C.
    MOHAN REDDY, Director for Hetero group, and his wife, J. RATNAKUMARI, who encouraged him to
    make this happen and turn it into a success.

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    This book is about skill techniques to solve the problems of Mathematics. Skill Maths is a combination of Vedic Maths and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Great success can come to the students of classes V to XII, along with all students who are facing Olympiad & any type of competitive exams in Mathematics. How can this book be helpful for a wide range of students? This book contains all the non-traditional techniques of the four basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are several skill techniques to solve multiplication of 3 x 3, 4 x 4 & above within seconds. Students can even choose a technique which can be perfect, depending upon the nature of digits. Division of numbers is also possible with ease using the base method. During a competitive exam, MCQs can be re-checked within seconds in mind with ‘Fortunate 9’ technique. Traditional methods related to squares and square roots, and cubes and cube roots of the numbers are again very difficult and time-consuming. Through this book, students will be able to understand very easy and less time-consuming techniques to solve such problems. Students will save their time as well as their energy by using these techniques and save themselves from making mistakes. This book will enhance their score in Mathematics, at least up to 80%.

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    The dark lord, Jaghtalaf, wants to preserve all his dark powers to rule over the planet, Deroon, which is the largest planet in the whole universe. And for that, he needs all his nine shorns (super natural souls) under his control, out of which one is missing. Even after a prolonged search for more than a thousand years, he is not able to find it. To prevent anyone from misusing it against him, he starts capturing all the kingdoms in search of it. And one of the kingdoms amongst those is Rajbad, ruled by Sultan Ibrahim Thodi. Before the war of Rajbad, Ibrahim writes a letter to Sultan Mohammed Tughur of Aumaria for help. But the Aumarians do not reply. So Ibrahim has to fight the war alone and face the brutal defeat at the hands of Samash (Jaghtalaf’s 1st shorn). To avenge her family, Princess Almas (daughter of Ibrahim) moves to Aumaria to know the reason for the letter’s negligence. In Aumaria, there are competitions for deciding the crown prince, in which Prince Miraan and Prince Kilaab end up tying for the crown. So the high priest Malekulashtar sets a new challenge for them, i.e., ending the dark empire of Jaghtalaf, which would start with getting a red konon and putting off its fire ring. Almas and Miraan’s friend-turned-foe, Mehlam, is told to accompany them. On the other hand, Someshwar – the burning man, gets a vision of the flying freezers who are in search of a blue axe as it belongs to them. They are even on the tail of a boy named Alaqmar. But Alaqmar does not know why. This story is all about why the flying freezers are following Alaqmar, who is this burning man, Someshwar, and how Miraan and Kilaab are able to get the red konon and put its fire ring off with the help of Almas and Mehlam.

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    “Obsessions can take you into a world you cannot imagine!”
    An old man at the sea for over 50 years trying to find the faintest clues of a creature. He strives to prove the obscure nature of its existence. An expedition filled inexplicable adventure, Uncharted Stretch is a story about how a bunch of fanatically enthralled people would follow their dream.

    Uncharted Stretch by: The Spix 180.00
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    This book is a collection of poems (Gazals) capturing every aspect of life – Love, Loss, Desire, Dreams. While this book is relevant for everyone, as the name of the book suggests, it specifically captures the emotion of sensitive people going through a tough time in their lives and gives them hope to move forward. This book not only captures the thoughts of the author but provides a perspective to see the world differently.

    Nazuk Mann by: Vipin Singh 160.00
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    This novel is based on an unmatched love, with renunciation, yearning, belonging, bad luck and laughter. In which it is shown that getting one’s love is also a destiny.

    The story of this book is composed on the basis of a triangular love in which you will read why the love of man loses in the face of wealth and deceit, and why he loses his own love together.

    How to acquire a girl is resorted to deception and true love keeps burning all the life in the fire of separation. On the other hand, how does his own love turn into begging and he is rejected. Perhaps this is called destiny.

    How the two staunch opponents, who quarrel among themselves, become friends and start killing each other.

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    This academic book reveals the spiritual thoughts and devotional heart beats of Swami Vivekananda for Lord Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God, who co-exists, self-exists and pre-exists with God, the Father from eternity to eternity. This book will reveal how Swamiji’s broad mindedness and spirituality crossed boundaries of cultures and nations. The book will reflect on the fact that Swamiji did not just believe in tolerance but his firm faith was in acceptance with love.

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    The book is a collection of humourous light verse written in the style of Ogden Nash. With great
    emphasis on word-play and with little gentle advice given at a few places, the book is based on
    observation of human nature and human institutions. It is recommended for anglo logophiles.

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    The pyramids are among the most remarkable technical achievements of human civilization. Ever since they were built by Pharaoh, the god-king of Ancient Egypt, they have been source of wonder & amazement themselves-points to civilization of extraordinary richness and complexity.

    “The Mount Sinai”a fiction of historical background, based on facts,presents the fascinating scieneof series of events that occurred between thegreat PharaohRamasses-II– ;ruler of two states, the builder of their most striking monuments,a great Ancient city Ramasses, royal tombs in the valley of the kings;and a greatestProphet of that time named,Moses.

    Along with all these, this fiction of historical background by the author has exposed to readers the evidences discovered by the archaeologists, how Pharaoh ruled, which god-kings were the centres, the vast building programmes, of which the pyramids were the part, extensive construction projects through esoteric techniques using millions of enslaved Israelites. And the practices of mummification and how were the dead bodies of the royal family preserved inside pyramids, and what were their beliefs behind it.

    Do they still contain treasure in chambers as yet to be discovered? Are their orientation &perportion keys to mysteries as yet only dimly percrived? And is there any convincing evidence for the widely held belief that a cures lies on those who entre these premesis.

    Pharaoh became so powerful at this time on basis of own divine powers, the huge army of Anubis (Humans with faces of the dreaded Black Jackals) and the powerful KingAhmos’ celestial army, hedeclayredhim selfamong Egyptians “ I am your only God”. During his reign Egypt reach the heights of its power & prosperity. Then he boasted &again he boasted and turned aside from a pretext that had been passed on to him by agreatest prophet and turned his back, and became one of the losers foreverin both the world and was marked as example for the commingcivilazations.

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    • Research Methodology in Dentistry is a comprehensive, clear and precisely written handbook for postgraduates, undergraduate dental students, PhD scholars, clinicians, faculty and anyone one who wants to pursue research in Dentistry. The aim of the book is to fill the void that exists in finding the basic resource material related to research methodology particularly applicable to Dentistry. • The book uses simple language with diagrammatic and tabular representations wherever applicable, helping in making a clear understanding of all concepts of research methodology as applicable to Dentistry. • The content is organized systematically to felicitate clear understanding of the students. • The content of this book is unique, covering all topics like research designs in Dentistry, qualitative and quantitative studies, data collection methods, sample collection methods, statistical tests and analysis, etc. particular to the field of dental sciences. Examples are cited from all branches in Dentistry for helping dental professionals in all branches of Dentistry. • The book has contributions by authors who are renowned in their respective branches, giving their expert insights in conducting dental researches. • Step-wise explanation for conducting different procedures in research like formulating hypothesis, sampling, data collection, etc. are covered citing examples from latest published dental articles to help in clear understanding of the topic and ease in practical conduction of a research. • Overall, the book shall help dental professionals in understanding research methodology and conducting a research independently.

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    With nuclear households becoming the latest way to live, friends are the new family. ‘Alpha Girl, Beta Boys!’ is a tale of three such friends, viz. Vishal, Aditya and Fara whose lives become interlinked as friends-cum-family when they meet at school. As they grow up together, Fara tends to control, happily to the comfort of the two boys. The narrative, written from the outlook of Aditya, maps the flow and ebb of their relationships with each other through childhood, as they enter college and finally in their coming of age as adults who venture into the world. Where will this lead them? Will they share the same bonds as love, realities and jobs take over or will they stay together as a loyal threesome? The book is everyone’s story. Written in an engaging and light hearted manner, it plots an account of the ordeals of close friendships, personal losses, making choices and, finally realizing that the true way is ‘your’ way, not someone else’s.

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    Cloud Computing is an evolving technology that can transform traditional IT systems. Currently, it plays an important role in everyday life, and people use it in one way or another. In the present scenario, teaching methods are also changing and students are becoming more technology-oriented. It is the need of the hour that we incorporate the relevant and beneficial aspects of cloud computing in the Indian education system. This book presents in detail the topic of cloud computing and the importance of cloud computing in educational systems in the Indian context. With the help of various info-graphics and diagrams, this book explains the relationship between cloud computing and educational institutions in a very simple way. Focusing on the problems faced by educational institutions, this book makes a good case for why incorporating cloud computing technology is important to students, teachers, and for overall system development. This book offers a smart approach that aims to change the current role of education by emphasizing the need to apply cloud computing.

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    Housekeeping is one of the most important part in the hotel industry. The department is responsible for the cleanliness of the front and back areas of a hotel through engaging a lot of manpower. It is also the revenue generating department. This book, ‘Major Topics in Housekeeping,’ has been written especially for students of third year, to help them crack their interview during campus placement. It covers all the core topics. The contents have been developed keeping in view the standard operating procedures generally followed in hotels. Students can easily relate these topics to their industrial training, which will help them understand better. All topics are briefly explained. Questions that are usually asked in personal interview and final round have also been added. This book will help students for stepping into the hotel industry and know about different aspects of housekeeping.

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    A Tea-Stall by the Side of the Road is a collection of short stories based on anecdotes, folklore and urban legends from all over the country. Presented in the first person narrative, these stories are based on actual experiences. A tea-stall, popularly called a ‘tapri’ in India, is a place where people gather to gossip, share news and views, tales and anecdotes. It is also the favoured place for inspiration and the author’s preferred spot for writing his book. The book is well-suited to be read over a relaxing cup of tea, around the coffee table or around a campfire on a weekend getaway trip. It has stories from all genres including humour, drama, horror and romance. Thus, there is something good for every mood and taste.

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    The most amazing trips are made are within an open heart!

    Intimate and universal, Love Talks is more than a poetry collection. Fall upon a caveat. A cue. A call to
    action. Harshada Pathare's vast verses honor existence and its lifeblood: honest interconnection—art, as
    formed by melding separate souls. Prepare for a pilgrimage. The terminus: unknown.
    Along the way, you'll wander hallowed halls and navigate nature's raw splendor. Cozy cafés, spattered
    studios, and delicious dreamscapes await. Take a moonlit promenade beneath a pantheistic sky that
    glints with possibility. Discover—rediscover—what it means to truly feel . . .

    Surrender to the sacred spell of love —
    Like a messenger from gentler times, Harshada reminds readers to slow down, settle in, and drink of the
    sweetest enigmas. Dreamers, modern mavens, lovers — set aside a slate of time, and contemplate the

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    Like the mythological churning of the great ocean, this is the churning of thoughts in various stages of my life. Going skywards and downwards, twists and twirls, realization finally dawned on me. These poems will touch your heart, maybe in a pessimistic way, but also will show you the hidden paths of the Mother Earth.

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    We Humans are the most superior species of Nature… which means, we humans are Winners.
    What we humans should genuinely try, is to understand that – Everyone is a Winner, and with this win Nature has gifted us Power in the form of our body structure and a unique Magic “Our Mind”. A society forms when Everyone comes together and without any single one of us , our society is incomplete. But, Actual Right growth will only happen when Everyone comes together. It has happened a lot of times that Everyone has sacrificed for YOU. …… Believe Me.
    We don’t know, who has cleaned the area we are living in or who is the actual owner of the food we eat or who has constructed the house we live in …and like that ……
    But It’s a feeling that made me realize that “Everyone has Sacrificed for YOU”.
    One Everyone lives with in us also. It’s a beautiful gift of humanity which is attached with us from the Day we are Born to the Day we DiE……..
    We humans are same and equally capable and like that ,
    My Story has Everyone for Everyone”.
    This book is a beautiful story of Humanity.

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    This book, the first venture of my life, has all the experiences of one’s life– joys, sorrows, pleasures, pains, angers, depression, lighter moments, heavy moments and all. Please read all the poems of the book, and you may find in them depiction of your own feelings. It’s the mirror of yourself, myself and the people around ourselves. There is a whole world hidden inside you, which, time and again, strives to come out to see the outer world.
    Yes, it’s the world of literature out there, always expanding, never ending, very deep, just like an ocean, very high, just like the Himalayas. This book, “You’re Precious To Me” is really precious to me, as it’s my first baby. It’s just like a drop in the ocean lost somewhere, yet striving for survival and get noticed by the intellectual people like you.

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    Motivation BOOKIFIED!!!! Warning: Reading this book might make you quit your job!! ONLY FOR RISK TAKERS!!! (If you don’t like to take risks and if you are the kind to take life as it comes, and feel that a book or any kind of motivation is not necessary, NEVER even think of buying this book.) Strictly not for the so-called ‘conventional thinkers.’ This is only for those who look at life as an adventure. So, basically, it is not for people like my father, who are so accustomed to the normal and mediocre living pattern that let alone a book, not even the author can change the way they think. This book contains hands-on suggestions and tips to a successful and happy life by the world’s first and only mystic to become an international pop icon. Inside, you will find stories of his life, his struggles, and much more intriguing stuff in his own words.

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    Hitman is based on the present vice- captain of India, Rohit Sharma. In this book, the reader may see his
    journey from 1987 to 2019. He is still playing. This book's contents will throw light upon:

    1. Rohit Sharma's cricketing journey
    2. 2’s (his struggles and successes)
    3. Supporters who made him Rohit Sharma, and many more.

    Hit Man by: Rahul Rathod 399.00
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    All ideas mentioned in the book have been proven and worked for others and will surely work for you. By applying the tricks mentioned in this book you will surely be picked up by girls even without chasing them.
    These ideas based on psychological foundations which will give guys an upper hand by maintaining their dignity and covering their desperation with grace.

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    *”Emotion”: A New story with New colors*

    This story is about relationships which are connected with emotions.

    There are four stories in this book which are entirely different from each other, each story represents life, a relationship, true emotions, feelings and people connected to it.

    In this book, I decorated my fantasies in words, shaped them and gave them a new dimension to a story.

    Every story is an inspiration which will make you completely influenced and leave you thoughtful.

    I hope my readers would like this initiative and shower your blessings and love on me.

    Thank you!

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    My Solitude is an expression of myself, my moods, my contemplation on the events taking place around, pertaining to me and my family, society, country and the world, and most importantly the mystic the Nature and the God and His creations . From dreams and fantasy of teenage to braving in to hard realities of life onwards, I traversed every corner of Rajasthan in want of bread and butter. Away from family with no companion to share and chatter, darkness of solitude was haunting and aloofness was weird one; however, I could make out joy out of it, penning down it with ecstasy of poetry .

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    Mahabharat is such a great saga, such a great book that has all the essence of life, present in it. This has love, hate, conspiracy, friendship, hatred, loyalty, treachery and all other such emotions. Before the great war of Mahabhrat, the great continent of India was full of brave hearts and warriors, but after the war was over, only a few warriors survived in this land. This war of Mahabharat was the result of two pledges; one that was taken by Pitamah Bhisma and the other pledge that was taken by the ruler of Gandhar, Shakuni. If Bhisma Pitamah had not taken the pledge that he would not sit on the throne, there would have been no chance that this war would have happened and if Shakuni had not taken the pledge that he would destroy the Kuru dynasty, then he would have never left Gandhar and come to Hastinapur; this would ensure that the seed of enmity between the Kauravas and Pandavas would have never grown. The situational pledges that were taken by Bhisma and Shakuni, later on turned into a curse for them. The almighty created such a situation, that both of them started regretting their decisions of taking such pledges. Shakuni never knew that, the sister he loved more that his life would one day be married to the same kuru dynasty, whose destruction has been pledged by him. I have tried to enlighten many unknown facts about the life of Shakuni so that the readers could know more and more about Shakuni.

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    Birth : 16th, November, 1969

    Father : Shri Ramkishore Tripathi

    Mother : Shrimati Chandrika Devi

    Education : M. A. (Hindi), Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut

    Profession: Journalism, Teacher

    Presently: contemplation – contemplation – writing

    Literary contribution:

    Writings: Poems, songs, ghazals, muktak, verses, novels, couplets, feature, contemporary articles, story, drama, novels, philosophical and national works.

    Published works: Sneh, Collection of poems, Shantidoot (magazine), 2013

    Organizational contribution:· Editor- ‘Sarvodaya Shantidoot’, Weekly News Paper· Manager and Founder – Shanti Niketan Public School· Secretary- All India Freelance Writer Forum· Vice President- All India Journalist Front· Former General Secretary – Hindon Journalist Club· Relations with various social organizations and organizations belonging to Eastern India regionContact: B-1352, Near Shanti Niketan Public School, Rajiv Colony, Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad – 201007 (U.P.)Residence: 3/773, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad – 201012 (Uttar Pradesh)

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