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  • Amritv Ki Mani by: Bohemian Manoj Rdx 310.00

    शक्ति, प्रेम, रहस्य, लालसा तथा साहस की कहानी…. | जादूगर बर्नार्ड अपने मित्र राजा गैलाइड तथा उसके सैनिकों के साथ सेलिकोन की गुफा में छुपाई गयी ‘अमृत्व की मणि’ की तलाश में निकलता है | जिसकी रक्षा की ज़िम्मेवारी मौत की देवी द्वारा उन्हें सौंपी जाती है | रास्ते में उनकी मुलाकात कैलिन नाम के एक शराबी नोजवान से होती है , जो बाद में, उनके साथ इस मुहिम में जुड़ जाता है । इस सफर में वे, लगभग अपने सभी साथियों को खो देते हैं तथा उन्हें लगातर बहुत सी कठिनाइयों का सामना करना पड़ता है । इसके बाबजूद भी वे अपने पथ पर डटे रहते हैं तथा अपनी आखिरी सांस तक मणि की रक्षा के लिए लड़ते रहते हैं । उनकी ये मुहिम डार्क ब्लैक नामक शैतान से मणि की रक्षा करने की खातिर आरंभ होती है | जिसमें उन्हें अपनी कमजोर परिस्थितियों के चलते अंत में शिकस्त खानी पड़ती है । किन्तु मणि को खोने के उपरांत भी जादूगर बर्नार्ड तथा उसके बचे-कूचे साथी मौत की मौत की देवी के नेतृत्व में , इस मुहिम को जारी रखने का फैंसला करते हैं | जिसका वर्णन अमृत्व की मणि नामक इस पुस्तक के दूसरे भाग में किया जाएगा |

  • Lilac Roses (Love journey of a Hopeless Romantic) by: Thabitha J I 200.00

    “If you either force love or healing, you will end up in severe pain. Both love and healing need patience.”

    This is the story of Siddharth, a hopeless romantic who is still stuck with his teenage first love Sophia. Losing himself in the hues of love, he forgets that this is an unsaid love. When a night reveals his grandpa’s heart-breaking secret, he learns there is an untold story behind every human. Sid messes up the chance with Sophia with his impulsiveness. When his innocence and bad timing lead to severe heartbreak, a life-changing situation happens. Will Siddharth get the love he deserves? Will he discover himself from the haunting past?

    Lilac Roses is a see-saw going up and down with rewinds of emotions, friendship, love and magic.

  • Babruvahana by: GANDRATE NEEL KAMAL 254.00

    3152 BC. Vast lands of Bharatkanda in possession. Yet, the desire to conquer new lands has not died down. Battle for survival and battle between ideals were rampant. Amidst such upheaval, destiny has its own play. Destiny brought those two lives together. A man of valour, wielder of divine weapons, and a man of courage, unyielding to tyranny. Their paths have to cross each other. Memory fades, but never the truth. Truth can be concealed, but cannot be wiped out. Truth bridges together their destinies.

    Join the journey of Babruvahana. The journey intensified with Love and the battles, varied emotions and tough choices. And unravel the camouflaged mysteries yourself

  • To The Moon And Beyond by: Insha Haque 229.00

    Sofia and Sayf, the two love birds experienced all the positive and negative emotions after stepping into the world of love and romance together. The story “To The Moon And Beyond” is a fictional dramatic amalgam of the most heavenly emotions of both the characters. It depicts the most paradisiacal form of true love and how destiny can twist and turn lives within days. Let’s gambol together into the sea of words and read their pulchritudinous tale and experience everything they both felt while walking on the road of love.

  • Gyan Kalp by: Mita Guhaniyogi 155.00

    This book Gyankalp is a collection of poems. I wrote them in my leisure without putting too much effort. I wrote as they came to my mind. This corona pandemic caused me a lot of pains to see the loss of people all over the world.
    Most of the poems are reflections of this pain. I am a God loving person. So some are like my prayers.

    Love you all !

  • Alag Nazariya by: Rekha 122.00

    Through this book I want to bring up the change in the stereotype mentality of this society and want to begin a new world where there is love, honesty, truth and harmony.
    Each poem here promotes human to do struggle even when there is no hope.
    A more thing I wanna to put up in eyes that whatever amount I’ll earn from this will put 50% of that to social work being a social activist.

  • Bombay Talkies by: Charan Nowpada 250.00

    Inspired by the true events, this book’s been set in a fictional India in which there’s zero crime rate and zero need of a police man to protect a person. The protagonist Shiva’s ideology is something that every Indian needs to follow for this country to be in the top of every aspect in this world. There’s violence and equal silence in many places in this book, his lady love, Laila, is the person because of whom, every single woman in India is able to sleep peacefully. She’s the one who changes the fate of every sex worker in India. Set against the backdrop of the 90s, the story ends in 2021. I promise you all, this isn’t just a story but an ideology that needs to be followed.

  • Premotthan by: Prem Srivastav 265.00

    “Premotthan” is a beautiful collection of poems and devotional songs. The author’s thoughts cherish the elegance of bygone times while appreciating the progress of the current generation and its times and ways. Premotthan is a read for all, and describes Author’s experience in an illustrious way while reflecting upon herself and her values in life. It provides an emotional and spiritual anchoring, motivation, and inspiration for those who struggle in the journey called Life but come out trumps.

  • Shivaai by: Shivpujan Maurya 201.00

    There is a mirror, which shows a glimpse of the future, where everyone must see their faces at least once. which has scared the humans with its thunderstorms so badly that, today on earth there’s nobody who listens, or perhaps after seeing the truth, everyone would break the mirror. Which has been burned in kalyuga.

    Today the kalyuga which has now been engraved in everyone’s veins, where there is no need of humanity, where snakes are coming out from all four directions and slithering their way into your streets. While you are sleeping soundly, stretching the sheets of humanity. today, where there is knee level drought of terrorism present on our earth today, the taliban has descended in Afghanistan, which is burning humanity alive. like eunuchs, the whole country is battling with the disease of stoicism. today, where a handful of snakes are ready to create panic on earth.

    so you should be careful, stay alert, stay safe, there’s not much land left in the world for snakes and humans to live together. So get out of your houses and remove all those snakes.

    who am I? where am I from? how am I? instead of getting answers to these questions, you should first get to know your own self – who are you?

    After seeing the mirror, know that first of all you’re a human being. which has come on this earth by mistake. so be aware of the timing, know what to do with your time, or else the time would itself decide what to do with you. Thank you!

  • Problems in Physics by: S.Ratnakar 1,440.00

    The book is a compilation of my sleepless nights & hard work for the welfare of students who are determined to achieve victory in Physics. It’s an all-rounder master book with the solutions for all your physics problems. The selection of content within the book is based on the author’s 10 years of teaching experience, interaction in the classroom with his students. This book can replace many books a student is supposed to refer, & hence the book serves as a savior for students. In this fast-paced world, this book will be a time-saver yet meaningful & relevant for all the students of class 12th standards.

    The book is a humble first attempt at presenting to the students of class XII their complete syllabus prescribed by CBSE in a clear-cut and coordinated manner. The book, based on NCERT pattern, has been carefully designed how to solve numerical based problems as easy and straight forward as possible.

    The book contains about 500+ numerical based problems. For students convenience each chapter opens with a time-saving glimpse of the principal formulas for the relevant area of physics.

  • The Divine Yog of Energy Healing. by: Rear Admiral Rakesh Pandit, AVSM, NM (Retd) 639.00

    This book is intended to be a ‘Single Point Book of Reference’ for issues related to good health and well being. Accomplishes a ‘First’ in presenting a comparative
    analysis of the seven main energy therapies namely Acupressure, Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Psycho Neurobics, Reiki, Yoga and Yog Nidra.Promotes a ‘Preventive health care’ Strategy employing ‘Health of Energy Body’. Affirms ‘Integrated healing’ of Physical and Energy bodies towards accelerated and total healing. Advocates ‘Blending of Energy Therapies’ to fight major diseases.

  • L is for Lockdown – Jiya’s Journal of Lockdown Lessons by: Jiya Gangadhar 158.00

    This little book is transcribed from Jiya’s journal during a global pandemic. Just a little girl experiencing new routines, and new fears, she pens her thoughts and learnings in her diary. The chapters describe Jiya’s fun and not-so-fun experiences with her family during one complete year of online/home-schooling, and explore her ways of dealing with uncertainties in the new normal!

  • Winter Grows on Paris by: Amit Kumar 150.00

    Winter Grows on Paris is a collection of poetry on Love, Self and Silence as much as on journeys, people and places. In rhyme and blank verses, these poems weave stories by delving deep into and caressing gently the myriad human emotions Self endures and experiences while negotiating the jazzy, vivacious, poignant journeys of loving, unloving then loving again interspersed with hope, despair, nostalgia, joys and torments in equal measures. Journeys which ultimately become voyages of self-discovery. Intensely emotional and often a tad philosophical the poems take the reader through a passionate journey of life in multi-chrome taken in many lands, across many winters, summers, springs and autumns, through full moons, dark nights and shades in between.

  • SATGURU MOHI NIVAJIYA by: Hirambar Naam (Subodh Prasad) 246.00

    It’s a spiritual book based on practical teaching of a perfect master. It is experience of a master in his superconscious state of mind called Samadhi.

  • An Introduction To Total Productive Maintenance by: Amit Kumar Ghosh 400.00

    TPM was first introduced in Japan after the Second World War when this country was devastated with attacks from other opponent countries and was struggling to recover its glory by improving its growth in all facets including economic value. TPM being a powerful initiative which when implemented in Japan, the country turned around with its industries from scratches to strong competitors in the international market. Author felt this book on TPM will help many shop floor managers, technical professionals and young engineers to adopt TPM for improving the performance of their plant equipment.

  • Change Sustained by: Sanjay Shesh & Parag Bhatt 210.00

    Dr. Ashutosh Muduli of PDEU- The dynamic and complex environment, including business environment requires agile people. The nuts of people agility consists of several techniques and tactics to be used at appropriate time and place. In this context, this book by Sanjay Shesh and Parag Bhatt must attract the readers attention. By capturing the tactics and strategies within the popular snake, ladder and dice analogy, the book convincingly puts logic and provides rational for change management.

    Mr. Srees PP – Group Head HR , Essilor India Private Limited- The Power games in a corporate life and the complex path in this long journey has been explained with such simplicity that it makes a very interesting read even for those who is just embarking on this journey… Insights in this snake and ladder game of the Corporate journey will also go a long way to support seasoned professionals…

  • Ahinsa by: Amit Kumar Jha 122.00

    This book (Ahinsa) has been written today in view of the violence and anarchy of Hindu-Muslims across the country. The author’s only goal is to write this story and reach the people through the book, by taking out the seed of hatred from the hearts of all the countrymen, who are seducing the soil with each other’s blood, their own Staining the soil of the country, starting love in their hearts, promoting love and brotherhood. This is a small story, a lesson for us, for you, for all those people of the country. This book is the writer’s dream project. This book makes us face to face with love, makes us know the truth. Every word of this book is the writer’s own words. This book shows a new way to live with love by forgetting hatred and malice.

  • Break the Norms and Set her Free by: Maryum Khalil 1,100.00

    Break the norms and set her free is a collection of poems that discuss the condition of women in the world and how important it is for them to stand up and fight for the right, about how women are bounded by some weird stereotypes and not allowed to live their life. In short, this book is about empowering the female gender and encouraging them to have a voice.

    It is divided into six sections,

    Her dreams
    Her self
    Her body
    Her heart
    Her death
    For her
    Each section discusses the topic relevant to its title.

  • The Anatomy of A Fiction of Truth by: OrpheuS Rayswarnadhir 249.00

    An elucidation of how the religion and fanaticism, might have destroyed the possibility of A fiction of truth in a voting democracy. The name of the fiction in this narrative is the name of the country and the country itself. That is the greater fiction of truth The question remains after you finish it…..

  • Pyar Bhari Kavita by: Nisha Bharti 150.00

    This book is based on love poetry, all poetry is filled with beautiful emotions and feelings which makes you feel the essence of true love.

  • Tennis World by: Kayaan Desai 150.00

    This book is all about tennis and in this book you are going to gain a lot of knowledge regarding tennis. Even there are some fun facts which you will enjoy.

  • Identify Who You Are To Say Where Do You Belong To by: Prof.Sri Aishwarya Balu 135.00

    • It’s a Fantastic saying that you are the little roots of trees today to be the reasons for the fruits of tomorrow
    • It also helps you to find the reinnovations in who you are really Meant to be and yet to multiply the cells of the many encountership-Level if Intensity on Tomorrow
    • “Empower your Determination Throught The will of your well wishing life”.
    • “your ends are Not the ends when you are not sure about it”.

  • Legal Luminaries Of Bihar by: Sadat Ali Khan 400.00

    This book is a brief and handy work of reference, presenting the main facts about the lives and works of some of the legal luminaries, living or dead, who have been conspicuous in the profession at Patna or in the state of Bihar, are distinguished in the judiciary of the country, have contributed to its development, and have gained immortal fame. The book also elucidates the Judicial System and Administration of Justice

  • Stories from my heart by: Rekha Nilesh Raul Arora 146.00

    Love comes to those who wait. Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. It is the most enchanting feeling which takes you into a complete new world of dreams and fantasies. Through the two stories and along with the characters of my books, I wish to take you all to the wonderful world of love. Wishing all of you a lovely life.

  • Amitav Ghosh Ki Rachnaon Mein Bahusanskritik Anuwad Ka Vishleshan (The Shadow Lines Aur Ibis Trilogy Ke Sandarbh Mein) by: Dr Shalini Kumari 360.00

    This book is based on comparative study of Hindi translation of novels (The Shadow Lines
    and IBIS Trilogy – Sea of Poppies, River of Smoke and Flood of Fire) written by Amitav Ghosh. It deals with translation, especially cultural translation. This book is very useful for Hindi and English novel lovers and is extremely useful for students or researchers for
    translation studies.

  • The Guard of The Heaven by: Abhinav Shukla 200.00

    The Guard of the Heaven is a story of a teenage girl Marton, and her journey to reach her parents, in a scenario where according to the villagers, they’re dead and alive according to her grandma, and all she has in her hand is a nightmare that never leaves her alone, and her brother and cousins. They all came across ‘the Bad Bye Forest’, the famous story of the saint living there. But everything turns upside down when they went to the Great Carnival and came to know their own connection and their parents’ connection with the saint and everything about Canim who is living along with them from a decade.

    Let’s see who will sacrifice himself and how? to complete a family and for an ending, whether happy or sad.

  • Dear Iris by: Manasvini Duggal 230.00

    “Dear Iris” is a selected collection of the author’s experiences from their first year of adulthood. An anthology inspired by home, personal philosophies, a new city, and love, these poems tell a story of the quintessential teenage experience. Under the umbrella theme of a young adult’s first coming-
    of-age experiences, the author uses subtle emotions and vivid imagery to present their thoughts. Deeply steeped in romanticism, each poem in “Dear Iris” summarises the author’s growth over twelve months, and the inevitable full circle that life brings about. The poignance of a sunset; the friction of moving on; the thrill of being alone in a strange city; the necessity to be open to love, pain, and guidance; “Dear Iris” is a raw exhibition of a teenager’s mistakes, exploration, and ultimate transcendence.

  • My Adventure With Science by: Atma Ram Jain 122.00

    The book describes the experiences of a village boy born in U.P. and his efforts to get himself educated and take interest in science to become a scientist in a premier organization ( ISRO) and to head one of the most important atmospheric research laboratories of ISRO in the country at its establishment phase. This laboratory has now turned from a tiny plant to a massive Banyan tree providing an opportunity to a number of young scientists to carry out advanced research in various areas of atmospheric science like the lower, middle, and upper atmosphere.

    It is believed that this book would generate interest and attract a number of young people to do research in various areas of atmospheric science. These areas are so vast that they still remain a challenging theme for advanced research.

  • My Lifes Journey by: Mani Iyer 366.00

    A detailed account of a marine engineer’s personal life written in a simple convincing manner. Gives one an insight into the profession and the kind of life led by them. The narrative also gives the reader bits of interesting information of the ports and places visited by the writer.

  • Staffroom etc (life beyond classroom) by: Mrs Roma Kumar 239.00

    This book describes the work-life of a teacher as a staff member. It attempts to depict the unadulterated and sincerest side of the teachers, as a worker. You may have seen many teachers in your life but after reading this book, you will see them in a different light.. and more likely, admire them more.

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